Real-time web-based control of the robot car

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Vaiko Vahter





Thursday, June 9, 2016

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The aim of this work is to create a web-based control over the robot car using the Raspberry Pi computer. The web-based application should allow users to send real-time commands to the car and get real-time visual feedback from the car. The main objective is to create a system based on Raspberry Pi so that the user of the system could control a robot car through a PC’s or mobile device’s web browser. During the development of the system it is necessary to solve real-time commands sending and video streaming problems. It is important that the developed solution would be universal and easily adaptable for different robot cars. Furthermore, the solution should allow to use multiple network types. Also the paper introduces Raspberry Pi qualities. The main results of the research are the robot car prototype and a web-based application. The web-based application allows users to send commands to the car and at the same time to see the real-time video stream. Created application allows to control the robot car over the internet so that the user who controls the robot car do not have to be in the same place as the car. The work describes how to send the robot car control commands over the network using the mobile network and the Wi-Fi technology.

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This work received the Special prize in the ICT thesis contest in the M.Sc. Hardware and Systems category.