Robust methods for complex systems control: an integrated approach

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Ennu Rüstern
Juri Belikov, Eduard Petlenkov, Kristina Vassiljeva et al.

The main goal of the research is theoretical and experimental investigation control system design methods for complex dynamical systems by integrating classical control theory with fuzzy logic and neural networks. Theoretical goals: 1. Generalization of the robust output controller design method for SISO systems to obtain a robust state controller and state observer design method for MIMO systems; 2. Research of effective and reliable control algoritms for car navigation systems (i.e complex systems) by integrating control theory and fuzzy logic; 3. Research and development of complex control systems by integrating control theory with multi-rate and neural network based methods. Practical goals: 1. Implementation, research and development of control algorithms and control schemes on model cars and mobile robots; 2. Development of fuzzy modeling software. 3. Application of research results in Eesti Energia and/or AS Silmet.. Project results, created software, constructed mobile robots and navigation systems will be used in master and doctoral study programs of TUT and in future research projects. The project also increases qualification of teaching and research staff in the university and prepares top specialists for automation and system engineering.