Partnership type: 
Academic, Industrial
Heidi Pihlak

Raja 15, 19086 Tallinn, Estonia


The aim of Mektory is:

1. To bring together scientists, students and entrepreneurs; solve practical product development problems and generate new intelligent ideas! We have focused on three directions – design and product development, development of business models, and mobile services and media.
2. To tie theoretical studies at the university with the practical side to the maximum possible extent. To prepare better-trained engineers with an experience of cooperation with companies. 
3. To encourage students' Startup companies to move forward. We have already held four business model competitions and dispatched the winners to global centres of technology.
4. To deal with the upcoming generations and show that engineering is exciting, feasible and down to earth. Numerous possibilities have been created in the house for children.
5. To commit maximally to internationalisation, because these days, success is only guaranteed by combining different cultures, working habits, ideas and interesting solutions.

Summary of partnership: 

Shared industrial projects; General collaboration.