Phase plane analysis of dynamical systems in MATLAB


Vjatšeslav Ovdi





Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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The purpose of this work is to describe PPLANE tool and its possibilities for use in nonlinear control theory. PPLANE is a tool for MATLAB, which allows to plot trajectories and phase portraits of autonomous second-order systems. Tool can be used in a research of different models and has many useful features such as plotting given solutions versus the independent variable and finding equilibrium points of the system, as well as displaying linearization around equilibrium points. The main objectives of this bachelor’s thesis are to review theoretical information, that can be used in analysis of the autonomous second order systems with phase plane method, and then to use this information for practical purposes (by resolving some examples from different courses). Also author will compare two methods of analysis: by using standard MATLAB functions versus using PPLANE, and then conclusion will be drawn: which method is more intuitive and qualitative in terms of received information.

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