Control of Multitank System using Raspberry Pi


Artjom Smolov





Friday, June 9, 2017

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The main aim of the given Master’s thesis is to develop an application for the microcomputer Raspberry Pi. The application should control Multitank System in real-time through a graphical user interface. Control of Multitank System is performed on Raspberry Pi. The driver for the Multitank System is implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink environment running on a personal computer. This schematic diagram includes UDP packet sender and receiver blocks. The communication between Multitank System and Raspberry Pi is provided over Wi-Fi network. This allows to develop remote control applications. It is necessary to choice correct programming language to ensure rapid prototyping of the software application. In our case Python is suitable as a language of fast prototyping. The framework of this research didn’t include elaboration of complex algorithms requiring detailed optimization. Final result of application allows end user control of Multitank System by applying PID controller parameters or applying own conditions. Also application can be further developed in the future.

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