Nonlinear Model Database for Education and Research

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Alexander Taranenko





Friday, February 12, 2016

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The purpose of this work was to create a database of nonlinear models, which included the models themselves, classification of the models, description of the key parameters and a reference to the paper of origin for the model. The system can be used to conveniently find examples to use in educational or research purposes based on specific criteria, as well as provide the source scientific paper. The main objectives of this bachelor’s thesis are to describe the theoretical information that was used during the classification of the models, the implementation and the structure of the database, and then discuss the possibilities for use of the database in education and academia by describing the process of taking the theoretical models from the database and creating a model file in Simulink, which can be later used for simulation purposes, although creating a working model for every entry in the database is out of scope of this thesis.

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