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Dynamic System Model Database Now Available

It is our pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the Dynamic System Model Database (DSDB)!

The main idea of the database is to allow researchers and educators to quickly find examples of dynamic systems to use in their work. It currently holds 102 entries. Each entry is accompanied with details related to the publication from which the example was taken. This facilitates citing original research papers.

Happy Summer Holidays!

We at Control Systems Research Laboratory would like to wish you great summer holidays! We would also like to congratulate all our graduates. We hope to see you soon! Finally, a very warm thanks goes to those, who have taken additional effort in preparation of their final projects.

New Feature: Course Pool

An experimental feature—Course Pool table—has been implemented for your convenience. It is found on the front page of this website just above the news feed. The table provides a "Site map"-like overview of currently active courses read by Alpha Control Laboratory instructors with quick navigation links. The table is closed by default. Click anywhere on the header to open it.