Third-order nonlinear discrete-time system #1

Model description: 

The block diagram of a third-order nonlinear discrete time system adopted by Fakhouri for identification evaluation is shown below.

$$\begin{align*} H_1(z) &=\dfrac{0.1z^{-1}}{1-0.5z^{-1}} \\ H_2(z) &=\dfrac{0.1z^{-1}}{1-1.3z^{-1}+0.42z^{-2}} \\ H_3(z) &=\dfrac{1.0z^{-1}}{1-0.7z^{-1}} \end{align*}$$



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Publication details: 

TitleNonlinear system identification using genetic algorithms with application to feedforward control design
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsLuh, Guan-Chun, and Rizzoni G.
Conference NameProceedings of the 1998 American Control Conference, 1998.
Date Published06/1998
Conference LocationPhiladelphia, PA
ISBN Number0-7803-4530-4
Accession Number6076036
Keywordsautoregressive processes, continuous time systems, discrete time systems, feedforward, genetic algorithms, identification, inverse problems, nonlinear systems
AbstractA GAMAS-based system identification scheme is developed to construct NARX model of nonlinear systems. Several simulated examples demonstrate that it can be applied to identify both nonlinear continuous-time systems and discrete-time systems with acceptable accuracy. Inverting the identified NARX model, a feedforward controller may be derived to track desired time varying signal of nonlinear systems. Sufficient conditions of the invertibility of NARX model are proposed to investigate the existence of the inverse model. Simulation results depict the effectiveness of the feedforward controller with the aid of simple feedback controller designed for regulation purpose