A nonlinear MIMO system

Model description: 

The system has two inputs and two outputs and is described by the following set of equations:

$$\begin{align*} y_1(k)&=0.21y_1(k-1)-0.12y_2(k-2)+0.3y_1(k-1)u_2(k-1) \\ &-1.6u_2(k-1)+1.2u_1(k-1)\\ y_2(k)&=0.25y_2(k-1)-0.1y_1(k-2)-0.2y_2(k-1)u_1(k-1) \\ &-2.6u_1(k-1)-1.2u_2(k-1). \end{align*}$$



Time domain: 


Publication details: 

TitleU-model Based Adaptive Tracking Scheme for Unknown MIMO Bilinear Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAzhar, A.S.S., Al-Sunni F.M., and Shafiq M.
Conference NameIndustrial Electronics and Applications, 2006 1ST IEEE Conference on