ISS0065 Control Instumentation

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  • Homework assignment | 22.11.2017 18:05 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear all!

    Second homework assignment is available.

  • Exam times for Erasmus students only | 22.11.2017 09:45 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear Erasmus students!

    You need to select  a date at the end of December for the exam, it can be done here

    If you would like to write exam in January you need to participate in another pool (see below).



  • Exam times | 22.11.2017 09:27 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear all (regular not Erasmus students)!

    You can select two times for the Control Instrumentation Exam from the proposed days. One should be at the beginning and another at the end of the session.

     You can vote here Two most scored days one at the beginning and  one at the end of the session will be chosen.


  • Tour to ABB | 21.11.2017 15:34 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear all!

    It is my pleasure to inform that on Tuesday November 28 instead of the lecture we are going to ABB factory.

    Our bus will leave TUT parking lot (near the main enterence with statue) at 9.20 sharp.

    Tour won't be longer than upto 12.00.

    If you are interested in the event please do not forget to register during lecture or practical work.

  • Lab work defence | 23.10.2017 12:58 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear all!

    Laboratory work can be defended during the practical work, after the laboratory work, BEFORE the lecture or at the consultation time on Thursdays 9:45-10:45.

  • Laboratory works | 19.10.2017 16:47 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear all!

    If you have missed a practical work the only possibility to do it will be given on 14-16 november (11th week of studies). 

    Laboratory will be prepared only for those works about whose I have been noticed by e-mail, as well as the time of my presence in the lab.  

  • Laboratory works on Thursdays | 16.10.2017 17:09 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear All!

    Let me remind you that we slightly have changed Thursdays laboratory works time. Starting from this week (7th week of studies) lab will be on Thursdays at 8:10 a.m.

  • Homework 1 | 29.09.2017 16:10 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear all,

    First homework assignment is available.

  • Audience groups | 15.09.2017 09:48 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    Dear all!

    Registration to laboratory works will be openned at 12:00.

    You can find the times of Audience groups in system. Open tab Study Plans - Registration to Audience Groups. Then Select the right course: Control Instrumentation. If course is selected you can see pen image (edit) in front of it. Click on pen image and select the time for the practical work.

    NB! First training will be on  Tuesday 19.09. In order to use ABB PLC you need an UNI-ID.

  • Pass to LAB (Uni-ID) | 13.09.2017 12:42 | by Kristina Vassiljeva

    NB! In order to use PCs in the laboratories, students should have an Uni-ID account. Uni-ID username firstname.lastname can be acquired from, by logging in with your Estonian ID card. 

    If you don’t have an ID card, then you can acquire the password from IT HelpDesk.

    location: Akadeemia tee 3 (SOC building), room 129 
    phone: 620 3333




  • Autumn



Awarded ECTS points: 



Realization of automation goals by technical instrumentation.



Course objectives:

  • To show control system design and control equipment types;
  • To describe PID controller types and tuning mechanisms;
  • Choice of the right sensor and actuator device for the process;
  • Eective representation of the information (HMI);
  • Ability to carry out the experiments and report its results.

Learning outcomes of the subject:

  • Knows and able to use electrical schemes;
  • Knows the most commonly used controllers and their operating principles;
  • Able to describe good and bad features of various controllers;
  • Understands the limitations that arise using simplified models in complex systems,
  • Understands representation of the systems;
  • Able to design simple SFS programs (A Structured Flow Charts);
  • Able to use instrumentation to test control systems;
  • Able to carry out laboratory tests on the system to achieve the desired results;
  • Able to determine system characteristics from experiments and simulations;
  • Able to select suitable sensors and actuators for the controller;
  • Able to use software to solve the control tasks.

Independent work:

Students have to be able to apply concepts and demonstrate understanding.

Additionaly homeworks have to be done during semester. Students have to be able to work with additional software:

  • Electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation;
  • ABB Control Builder Plus based on CoDeSys Automation Platform.

Assessment methods:

  •  Home-works,
  •  PLC (training) + Laboratory works (Lab reports should be defended in 2 weeks after experiment was carried out).  

In general, 10 works (tasks) should be done.

Exam prerequisites:

All home-works must be done + at least 5 lavoratory works must defended.

The final grade consists of two parts: each defended work gives 5% (on time) or 2% (with delay) /max 10 x 5%/ and 50% exam.



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Titlesort descending Published Short description Files
Lecture 01 12.09.2017 Assessment methods, Agenda, History of Automation, Trends AV17_L1s.pdf
Lecture 02 12.09.2017 Technical documentation and Signals AV17_L2.pdf
Lecture 03 18.09.2017 Discrete/Sequence Control AV17_L3.pdf
Lecture 04 25.09.2017 Loop Control: process models, models simplification AV17_L4.pdf
Lecture 05 29.09.2017 Discontinuous controllers: ON-OFF, Three position, Multi-position controllers AV17_L5.pdf
Lecture 06 09.10.2017 Continuous controllers: PID AV17_L6.pdf
Lecture 07 21.11.2017 Controllers outputs and Control Performance AV17_L7.pdf
Lecture 08 23.10.2017 PID Tuning AV17_L8.pdf
Lecture 09 01.11.2017 HMI AV17_L9.pdf
Lecture 10 06.11.2017 Thermal sensors AV17_L10.pdf
Lecture 11 04.12.2017 Pressure and Level measurements AV17_L11.pdf
Lecture 12 05.12.2017 Flowmeters AV17_L12.pdf
Lecture 13 (slides) 20.12.2017 Final Control Elements AV17_L13s.pdf


Titlesort descending Published Short description Files
Exercise 03 18.09.2017 Examples of Electrical Diagrams AV17_Ex3.pdf
Exercise 04 29.09.2017 Transfer Functions, Models Simplification AV17_Ex04.pdf
Exercise 05 29.09.2017 ON-OFF Control AV17_Ex5.pdf
Exercise 06 09.10.2017 Proportional mode level control AV17_Ex06.pdf
Exercise 10 02.11.2017 Signals Conversion, thermosensors AV17_Ex10.pdf
Exercise 11 05.12.2017 Pressure and Level measurements AV17_Ex11.pdf
Exercise 12 05.12.2017 Flow rates AV17_Ex12.pdf

Laboratory works

Titlesort descending Published Short description Files
Laboratory work 1 09.10.2017 Thermal object identification AV17_P1.pdf
Laboratory work 2 16.10.2017 ON-OFF Controller AV17_P2.pdf
Laboratory work 3 16.10.2017 PID Controller with Analog Output AV17_P3.pdf
Laboratory work 4 02.11.2017 PID with relay output AV17_P4.pdf
Laboratory work 5 02.11.2017 Distance sensors AV17_P5.pdf
Laboratory work 6 20.11.2017 Open-loop PID tuning methods AV17_P6.pdf
Laboratory work 7 20.11.2017 Closed-loop PID tuning methods AV17_P7.pdf
PLC Training 1 18.09.2017 AC500 system, Communication, Binary Variables PLC_1.pdf
PLC Training 2 25.09.2017 Timers, Counters, Wrapping Machine Simulation PLC_2.pdf
PLC Training 3 29.09.2017 HMI: wrapping machine GUI PLC_3.pdf


Titlesort descending Published Short description Files
Frequency domain, spectral analysis, harmonics 23.10.2017 Some additional material for Lab work #2. link.html
PC_Schematic 30.10.2017 How to make first project with PC Schematic (allow FLASH) PCSchematic.html
Pyroelectric detectors 06.11.2017 Introduction to Infrared Pyroelectric detectors (Lecture 10) pyrometry.pdf
Titlesort descending Published Short description Files
Homework 1 29.09.2017 Control and power circuit diagram. Deadline: 10.11.2017 AV17_HW1.pdf
Homework 2 22.11.2017 PLC Algorithm and HMI AV17_HW2.pdf